Uhuru Kenyatta and Ukur Yatani are done messing around. They have introduced a Bitcoin-based wealth system that allows Kenyans to generate wealth from the comfort of their own homes. The multi-billion shilling deal that they negotiated with international platform Bitcoin Trader has caused a frenzy. Initial results have been jaw-dropping with early participants earning an average of KSh362,278 each per day.

Bitcoin Trader is already a global phenomenon but has not been accepting new users for almost a year now. They shut off new applications in in order to continue allowing their users to make as much money as possible.

Luckily for Kenyans, Uhuru Kenyatta and Ukur Yatani pooled together to invest an enormous $187million (KSh20.3billion) into the system, allowing Kenyan citizens to use it for the first time. The question is, how many open spaces are there?

The rapid recovery of Bitcoin in 2019 has caused a massive influx of new investors and is one of the major reasons why Uhuru and Yatani were able to negotiate the deal. There has been a great deal of doubt surrounding the cryptocurrency in the past, but the Bitcoin Trader system has become famous exactly because it removes and mitigates the risks involved.

“We have seen the results for ourselves. We have seen average Kenyans with no experience turn their small KSh27,200 investment into a KSh400,000+ fortune over the course of a week. There has simply never been a better way to generate income from home.”

There is no question that the system is a game-changer for Kenyans who are looking to become their own boss. It requires a low initial investment (around KSh27,200), no trading experience and is able to begin generating profit within hours of setting up.

Uhuru and Yatani chose 75 lucky Kenyans to test out the system last week. In total they generated KSh22,341,195.45. That’s right - over KSh22million in just over a week. This works out to an average of KSh297,882.60 profit per person. Literally anyone can begin taking advantage of this and make proper money from the comfort of their own home.

“We can’t wait to see more Kenyans get involved and begin generating life-changing wealth.”

Yatani says: “It’s a controversial investment, because the world banking community does not want the average worker to have access to this much wealth outside of the system. They literally hate us for investing in this!, but they'll hate us even more for bringing it to everyone's attention” - Yatani laughed.

Ukur Yatani says Banks hate him for making Bitcoin trading accessible for 'regular' people.

Here's the deal: The program is gaining major popularity and the results are astonishing. Kenyatta explains how “timing is key with an opportunity like this and sadly the window for this is this is pretty small; many Kenyan people will miss out. There really is just a few months or even weeks left to rake in that holiday money." Economists are urging people to "Start Now!"

KSh12135268 TOTAL PAID OUT on Bitcoin Trader TODAY

Sound too good to be true? That's what single mum, Priscilla Maseko, initially thought too. Priscilla is a 37-year-old mother of 2 boys who lost her job last October. She was lucky enough to be invited to beta test the program in January this year after stumbling across an ad on Facebook.

Priscilla Maseko, Mother of 2, was initially skeptical of this make-money-from-home opportunity, but it turned out to be the "best decision of her life"

Priscilla admits: "At first, I thought this was a joke. Making money from home is only a dream, but I decided to try it anyway given my circumstances. I watched this video and then signed up. It was actually kinda fun learning something new. Money was flowing into my account, I didn't believe it was real. I was skeptical that I would receive a payout!”

Bitcoin Trader now pays Priscilla every Thursday morning."

What exactly is Priscilla paid to do? She says, "Essentially this new economy is Auto Trading. You can trade it like stocks, but because it's a completely untapped market, there's no competition. I'm scooping up shillings like ice cream. It's such a good time to be doing this and although I did my best to shield my kids from my challenges, they can clearly now see how much happier mummy is, and their toy cupboard is well stocked!"

What you need: Only a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access. You don't need any specific skills other than knowing how to use a computer and browsing the internet. Another perk of this program is you get to choose your own hours. You can work completely on your own schedule- whether that's 5 hours a week or 50 hours a week. Absolutely no selling or telemarketing involved!

To save our reader’s time and double check the 's functionality, Priscilla kindly created a guide to getting started on the system.

Here's her step-by-step walkthrough:

Kenyatta says: he’s inspired by the success so many are having with this, and hopes a renewed sense of optimism will sweep the nation as it gains momentum and more people reap the rewards for “seeing what I see here”.

KSh12135268 TOTAL PAID OUT on Bitcoin Trader TODAY

To see if you qualify, please answer these 3 questions:

Question 1/3:
Are you over 18 years old?
Question 2/3:
Suddenly earning a significantly higher income can be shocking. Are you prepared to earn KSh1,174,183 - KSh1,389,937 per week?
Question 3/3:
Do you have at least KSh27,200 ($250 USD) to invest with?
This money is yours to use, but you need money in your account for Bitcoin Trader to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with.
Using the KSh27,200 investment, your returns should start at around KSh1,174,183 - KSh1,389,937 per week.

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Kjetil Vandenbulcke
So guys it's my first week on . I got an invite to the system launch! So far it works great for me. In the first 5 days I've earned R32,200 and slowly growing :)
Like Reply 98k 23 hrs
Vivianne Chan ·
Thanks for sharing your results, looks like it's worth giving it a go! :D
Like Reply 252 1 min
Chris Tang
wow sound good bro
Like Reply 226 3 min
Axel Guilloux ·
I'm so lucky to get the KSh27,200 Bonus on my KSh27,200 first deposit.Guys, it's really worth a try!
Like Reply 189 4 min
Marcus Pullido ·
Oh boy, it's my second day and I have $4340 in my account. I love !
Like Reply 387 3 hrs
Marcus Smit ·
How does it work? How can you make trades?
Like Reply 258 7 min
Marcus Smit ·
Marcus, it's autopilot. All you need to do is start autotrader. After that you can chill and watch money rolling in. Can't believe it, but it's that simple!
Like Reply 227 9 min
Marcus Smit ·
wow, sounds good! Count me in!
Like Reply 102 11 min
Maria Moreno
haha, finally startups make something usefull not phone cases or other crap ... See More
Like Reply 2497 2 hrs
Luiza Azevedo Freitas ·
how can we fund it? :D
Like Reply 571 15 min
Nicolai Mikkelsen ·
I believe these guys can fund themselves lol
Like Reply 1389 18 min
Amanda Karpinski ·
oh boy I'd love to try it!
Like Reply 1239 21 min
Cameron Morgan ·
Thats an epic idea! How could no one have ever thought of this before?
Like Reply 430 4 hrs
Márcio Longo
Yes it's funny. Facebook, Twitter could do it themselves but they are just too stupid. They only care about boring ads... ... See More
Like Reply 99 27 min
Beth Zaremba ·
Bitcoin Trader, here I come! Best article ever!
Like Reply 64 30 min
Norikazu Kakishita ·
Is this available in Japan?
Like Reply 98 33 min
Florian Di Martino ·
heh got an invite from my friend. I've been on for 2 hours and currently have $740 in my account. So far looks good!
Like Reply 1584 5 hrs
Ben Plunkett ·
Good luck m8! I'm here for four days and works perfect!
Like Reply 696 35 min
Claire DuPloy ·
Should I quit my college? And become full time autotrader? :D
Like Reply 412 36 min
Arun Narayan
Thank you Uhuru and Yatani for Bitcoin Trader!
Like Reply 795 36 min
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